A Bridge Across the Divide: The Role of Libraries in the Digital Skills Gap

by Bobbi Newman, Speaker / Writer at Librarian by Day on Oct 30, 2013

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The 11 Biggest Mistakes Older Job Hunters Make – Forbes

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Guess what? Older workers get jobs. It might take a little more time for a myriad of reasons from your salary demands to your own lack of imagination about the kind of work you’re applying for, but employers really aren’t out to shun workers over 50.

They do want grown-ups in the shop. We tend to be loyal, even-keeled, reliable. We bring intangibles to the workplace from experience to a vast network of connections. These are not something the whippersnapper cohort can even dream to do at this stage in their lives. Read more…

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MarketMeSuite – MarketMeSuite 17 LinkedIn Profile Must Haves [infographic]

This year has been a big one for LinkedIn. With new features like the Creative Portfolio Display, you now have the ability to visually showcase your professional portfolio. But before diving any deeper with the latest add-ons, does your LinkedIn profile have all the elements that will help you rise to the top? MarketMeSuite teamed up with Maximize Social Business.com’s Neal Schaffer to bring you this new infographic with all the tips you need to elevate your LinkedIn profile: 17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves!  Everyone can use great tips, so please share the LinkedIn love!

LinkedIn infographic

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Bridging the LIS/Library Divide

Bridging the LIS/Library Divide

By on September 30, 2013 3 Comments

msapplestorenyc 170x170 Bridging the LIS/Library DivideIt’s a song you may have heard before. Are the majority of educators out of touch with the realities of the professions they support, including those in LIS? How do we prepare our students for a rapidly changing field? Read more….


How to Build Effective Online Learning Communities – Edudemic – Edudemic

There is ample research to show that a community based education model can greatly enhance the learning capabilities of its members.  Moreover, learning is inherently a communal activity, which is perfectly exemplified by the classroom setup, where a group of students interact amongst themselves and with the faculty. Transpose this behavior to the world of internet and we have what we call online learning communities.

What is an Online Community?

An online community is a group of people united by similar interests and purpose using the virtual medium to interact with each other. These are communities first, online second. In the real world also, whether it is due to a particular geographic area where one resides or professional space where one works, we all, voluntarily or involuntarily, are a part of one or the other community.  When these real world communities use internet as a medium to connect with each other, communicate, work together and pursue some common interests over the course of time they take shape of online communities.

online learning communitiesLearning, Meet Community

A community that has collaborative learning as its primary purpose and uses internet as a medium to achieve the same can be referred to as online learning community.   There has been growing buzz about the impact and benefits of building online learning communities, and particularly, the last few years have seen a tremendous growth in the number of such communities. The increasing clout of social networking, greater internet penetration and easily available computing technology can be held responsible for this proliferation. Although online education itself is not an entirely new phenomenon, dating back to the times when even internet didn’t existed, large scale online community building started with the Web 2.0 era in the last decade.