Stephanie Gross, Librarian, Electronic Reserves

Bio: Stephanie Gross has been the electronic reserves librarian at Yeshiva University since 2004. Her work involves detailed item description, as well as data management and copyright control. As of January 2017, Stephanie was appointed to the Institutional Repository Task Group (IRTG). Stephanie’s focus here has been determining how other universities provide quality service to their institutions and stakeholders. This past September, Stephanie was appointed to  the PLP (Personal Librarian Program) to support honors students in their capstone projects .   Lastly, as a member of the YU Student Library Research Award committee, she will be among the judges deciding who will be awarded a check for $250 for the outstanding undergraduate library research of 2018.

Ms. Gross is committed to excellence in her work and engages in frequent participation in a wide range of library associations.  She is intrigued by developments in areas such as copyright law, equal access, electronic publication, diversity and lifelong learning.  She has lived in the Middle East and taught English as a Second Language. Foreign language acquisition is a subject close to her heart.  She has studied French at the graduate level at both the University of Vermont as well as Middlebury College French School. She speaks, reads and communicates effectively in both biblical and contemporary Hebrew, having completed her BA and Teaching Certification from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) in Israel. She holds a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute.

Mentoring : She is currently a formal mentor to librarians and library students through the Association of College and Research Libraries/ New York Chapter as well as the Association of Jewish Libraries. She contributes frequently to scholarly communication in librarianship, such as the Hasafran listserv, Twitter (NYLibrarians), and blogosphere NY Librarians blog.  She also holds a Master of Arts in English as a Second Other Language from St. Michael’s College and enjoys working in a collegial environment with those from varying backgrounds from across the globe.

Professional service:  Stephanie is active in several local as well as national professional library associations. She is currently serving on the executive board of The New York Library Club, Inc. She is a past chair of the Association of Jewish Libraries Mentoring Committee. From 2008 to 2016 she was the chief organizer of the NY Librarians Meetup, a networking group for librarians and library students from all fields of the profession.  She is committed to professional development, libraries, librarians and librarianship as well as well as the students and patrons of these institutions.

Find Stephanie on Academia.edu  as well as on LinkedIn.


“Although my thoughts are sometimes partly informed by my daily work, my blog does not represent the views or opinions of my employer.” Stephanie L. Gross, MSLIS.


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