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Librarians and library-lovers to follow:


It was Socrates who mentored Plato, who mentored Aristotle, who mentored Alexander the Great. Socrates described himself as, “a mid-wife assisting the labour of the mind in bringing knowledge and wisdom to birth”.

Picture a dream. While the dream is being birthed, the mentor stands over his protégé and helps him relax and endure the pain. The mentor holds the dream up by the heels and spanks it to life. Then the mentor places the-dream-turned-reality into the arms of the protégé and walks away to assist another dreamer.

Peter Drucker

Bill Gates

Ralph Nader

Eleanor Roosevelt

Albert Einstein

Seriously, here are some blogs to follow:

Stephen Abrams [library trends]



Steven Bell



John Blyberg [unconferences]


Meredith Farkas [information access, user experience]

          Information Wants To Be Free – Meredith Farkas

Sara Houghton [opinion]


David Lee King [virtual libraries]

          David Lee King – Social web, emerging trends, and libraries

David Lankes


Michael Stephens


And of course, listservs, users forums:

Ha-Safranהספרן, the Electronic Discussion Forum of The Association of Jewish Libraries

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