The Busy Person’s Guide To Social Media – Edudemic [Infographic]

Added by on 2013-02-24

This may very well be the best guide to social media I’ve ever seen. It’s an organized and genius take on how to best harness the various social networks without spending your entire day doing so. It’s by Ernie Smith, Editor of ShortFormBlog, one of the more entertaining takes on daily news and events. I’m a big fan of the blog and encourage you to check it out. They get social media and, lucky for everyone else, you can ‘get’ social media too! Even if you’re super busy!

This infographic / handout / sheet is filled with tips for all social networks. Not just focusing on particular services, I appreciate this guide’s refreshing look at how to properly use social media even when you’re super busy. Plus, Ernie gives a few examples of people effectively leveraging social networks even though they’re busy doing lots of other stuff. Sound familiar?

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