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6 Ways to Learn About a Company’s Culture – US News

Co-workers listening to each other at a team meeting

6 Ways to Learn About a Company’s Culture

How to tell if a prospective employer is a fit for you.

When you’re in the office of a prospective employer, look around at current employees. Do they seem enthusiastic and collaborative?

By June 3, 2015 | 10:51 a.m. EDT + More

You want to do work you enjoy alongside people you like. Your happiness and success depend on both. In short, you want to find a place to work where you feel you belong.

It comes down to finding a company with the right culture for you. Company culture is a hot topic among companies and individuals, but it can be difficult to define.

So what is company culture?

The best way to describe it is to talk about the “artifacts of culture,” or the examples of culture, says Josh Bersin, founder and principal at Bersin by Deloitte, a provider of research and advisory services focused on corporate learning. Culture can be represented by the company’s facilities, charismatic executives annual events or awards received.

And as difficult as it is for a company to define its culture, it’s even more challenging for a candidate to learn about it. Bersin says the best way to discover the authentic company culture is to observe it:  Read more…

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