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Why Self-Improvement Begins with Self-Reflection by Daniel Goleman

104b6a6When people feel a need to transition into a new phase in their lives, they often think the shift needs to be external: new job, new house, new relationship. While those changes are often warranted, I recommend taking stock of your inner worldto help guide your decisions. You may discover that you don’t need to change jobs; you just want to move to a different division. Or you would prefer downsizing into an apartment versus owning a two-family unit.

But finding clarity takes some effort. It requires asking the right questions that invite us to consider what really matters to us. And our answers encourage us to pursue new possibilities that are more aligned with our true values and goals.

Based on my Leadership: A Master Class video series, HRD Press and More Than Sound developed a solid personal inventory in one of the modules for coaches, trainers and HR professionals to guide their teams through a self-exploration exercise. Below is an excerpt from the survey* to give you a sense of the types of clarifying questions to ask yourself, or work on with a coach or mentor.

There are 10 descriptions of major life purposes or primary motives covered in the sample worksheet.  Read more…

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