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15 Apps to Make You an Awesome Intern

15 Apps to Make You an Awesome Intern

Apps for InternsWant to be the best intern, ever? There’s an app for that.

Technically, there are tons of apps to keep you organized, sharp, and constantly learning—everything you need to impress your new boss. And all most all of them are free!

So, grab your smartphone and start using it for exactly what it was meant to do– to help you become an awesome intern!

Get Organized

1. Evernote (Cost: Free)
Evernote is a great way to remember all those important ideas (and instructions!) you can’t afford to forget. Stay on top of your internship duties with notes, snapshots, and recorded voice reminders.

2. Workflowy (Free)
Love making a list and crossing things off? This streamlined app is for you. With hashtags, filters, and great search functionality, Workflowy helps you create the world’s coolest To-Do list.
3. Remember the Milk (Free)
Organize and prioritize your internship tasks with Remember the Milk—or, in your case, Remember the 1,000 Things You Need To Do Before Wednesday. You can set due dates, add notes, postpone or repeat tasks, and even print relevant checklists. Read more…

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