Jobs Aren’t Hidden But They Are Guarded by Gatekeepers


KeyWhen I present to college students about launching an effective job search, one of my slides is an iceberg graphic. Under the surface of the water, in the largest portion of the iceberg, the words “hidden job market” appear.


I tell the audience “some career experts say that 80% of jobs that get filled don’t get posted.”


What I don’t say is: not this career expert.

Although I don’t believe the conventional wisdom about the extent of the hidden job market, I want students to think that most jobs aren’t posted, so they don’t get complacent and put their main focus on job boards. I want them to be out there networking. Read more…


What Teens Get About the Internet That Parents Don’t – Mimi Ito – The Atlantic



My 15-year-old daughter has been playing the viola since the fourth grade at school and she’s been encouraged by her teachers to keep at it since, among other things, it’s marketable for college. She has been contemplating a new instrument, guitar, more in line with her interests and what she listens to with her peers.

This is how the conversation goes about the guitar. Me: “Do you really want to add a new activity?” Her: “We already have a guitar. I can learn on my own and with my friends.” Me: “It seems like you should get lessons for the basics.” Her: “Mom, that’s what the Internet is for.” It turns out she’s already been practicing with the help of YouTube tutorials. Read more…

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The World’s Best Career Development Tool You’re Not Using (Yet) | The Savvy Intern by YouTern

The World’s Best Career Development Tool You’re Not Using (Yet) | The Savvy Intern by YouTern.

Google alertsThe other day a client was asking me how to keep in touch with networking contacts after they’ve had that initial conversation. For me, this was an opportunity to talk about one of my favorite career tools: Google Alerts.

The tool is legendary for its use in the job search; tomes have been written about that… yet remains largely underutilized.

And I don’t get it! For building your network, building relationships and deepening expertise in your field: Google Alerts is an amazing career resource.

Google Alerts, in their simplest form, are free alerts you subscribe to that provide fresh content and updates on the topics you are most interested in. The updates are sent to your email Inbox, smartphone or services such as Google Reader.

Here are a dozen ways you can use Google Alerts to help you manage your career in the short term, and for the long run:

1. Manage Your Online Reputation

Set a Google Alert for yourself, as well as your Twitter handle and any side gigs, and see what news shows up about you online. Read more…

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