4 TED Talks That Help Librarians Explain the Magic of Libraries

Since 2006, millions have been inspired by TED Talks: short, inspirational and educational videos by speakers expounding on topics from science to spirituality to dance. TED stands for technology, education and design, and its stated mission is to spread ideas.

The talks are often thought provoking and the speakers passionate about their topics. None last more than 18 minutes.

While a pleasure to watch, the videos also can provide librarians with a jumping point for their own blog posts and public talks.

Here are four TED Talks that you can use to help explain the magic of your public library.

Lisa Bu, How Books Can Open Your Mind

Lisa Bu is the content distribution manager for TED. In her talk, she shares details about her early life in China, and how, after moving to America, she turned to books to “expand her mind and create a new path for herself.” She used comparative reading to develop a better understanding of many subjects.

“Compare and contrast gives scholars a more complete understanding of a topic. So I thought, well, if comparative reading works for research, why not do it in daily life too? So I started reading books in pairs.”

 How to use it: This is a great opportunity to recommend and promote the public library’s collection. For example, you can build on Ms. Bu’s reading list. Or create your own “compare and contrast” book pairs. The opportunities are limitless, and this could become a regular series for your public library blog.  Read more…


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How To Make The Most Of Your Day When Job Searching


How To Make The Most Of Your Day When Job Searching

Posted November 16, 2015

It’s often a shock to the system when you first lose your job. Your routine is gone, there are no deadlines, and you are often alone in your home while the people you live with go to school or work.

So, what happens now? A whole day in front on you – no deadlines, no commute, no projects to complete – what is the best way to go about your day?

According to a recent poll by Climber.com, the job seeker’s day is divided like this:

  • Searching For Positions Online – 29.94%
  • Applying To Positions – 27.28%
  • Networking – 24.11%
  • Researching Companies – 12.89%
  • Working With A Recruiter – 5.56%
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14 Things That Impact The Quality Of Your Personal Brand

Quality and personal excellence are two key elements of your personal brand. The degree to which you fully embrace the importance of these elements is communicated to others on a continuous basis and is incorporated into others’ vision of who you are (i.e. the personal brand that you broadcast).

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Those who are fully aware of this fact can definitely undertake action to broadcast a personal brand that elevates their professionalism through conscious focus on quality and personal excellence.

Here are 14 things that impact the quality of your personal brand:

  • Every e-mail message you send to someone else.
  • Every voicemail message you leave for someone.
  • The voicemail message others hear when they try to reach you.
  • Your e-mail “signature.”
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6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success by Nicolette Weinbaum

by Nicolette Weinbaum

April 13, 2016

As many seniors in universities across the country will tell you, there’s no shortage of bright and accomplished graduates from top schools, all competing for a shrinking number of opportunities.

In fact, the competition for an entry-level position has never been fiercer. Newsweek recently noted that 2.8 million graduates will enter the workforce in 2016.  The scary part is that 40 percent of the total number of unemployed in the U.S. will be made up of 18-to-29-year olds, an unemployment rate of almost 14 percent among that age bracket (almost three times the national figure). Read more…shutterstock_284570267


9 Signs You Have the Mindset It Takes to Succeed by Jeff Haden


IMAGE: Getty Images

There are a number of qualities that help you succeed. Learning to be more likable and charming is one; so is becoming more charismatic. Developing greater willpower and mental toughness — both of which you can definitely develop — can also help.

And so does approaching certain situations with a consistent mindset. There are certain qualities that successful people tend to share — especially the successful people who also make a significant impact on the lives of other people.

See how many apply to you:

1. They look past the messenger to focus on the message.

When people speak from a position of position of power or authority or fame, it’s tempting to place greater emphasis on their input, advice, and ideas.

Warren Buffett? Yep, gotta listen to him. Sheryl Sandberg? Yes. Richard Branson? Absolutely.

That approach works to a point-but only to a point. Really smart people strip away all the framing that comes with the source — both positive and negative — and evaluate information, advice, and input idea based solely on its merits.

When Branson says, “Screw it; just do it and get on with it,” it’s powerful.

If the guy who delivers your lunch says it, it should be just as powerful.

Never discount the message because you discount the messenger. Good advice is good advice — regardless of the source.

2. They work hard to collect knowledge…

Competing is a fact of professional life: with other businesses, other products, other people. It’s not a zero sum game, but it is a game we all try to win.

Smart people win a lot.

Smarter people win even more often.

Continually striving to gain more experience, more experience, and more knowledge is the second-best way to succeed.

3. …But they work even harder on collecting knowledgeable people.

You can’t know everything. But you can know enough smart people that together you know almost everything.

And, together, do almost anything.

Work hard on getting smarter. Work harder on getting smart people on your side.

How? Read more…

10 Non-Negotiable Traits Your New Hire Must Possess


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Want a shot at landing your dream startup gig? While having a polished resume and company connections can help get your foot in the door, it’s your ingrained character traits that will likely determine your ability to thrive and make an impact on the business you’re so eager to work for.

Ten entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) share qualities they believe all new hires must possess in order to land a coveted position in their business.

1. Adaptability

The Internet space changes so quickly that what worked even two years ago may not work now. The best employees are not necessarily the most experienced, but are rather those who can learn the new rules of the game the quickest. Usually these people are smart, creative, have an insatiable love of learning and are always striving to improve their game.–Charlie Graham, Shop It To Me, Inc.

2. Coachability

I’ve found that with the right hire, new skills and procedures can be easily learned. That willingness to learn new things and forget old ways, however, will probably never change. That’s why I look at a new hire’s coachability first, and their previous knowledge second.–Elle Kaplan, LexION Capital

3. Agility

In a startup, everything changes quickly — whether it is your product roadmap, skills of your employee, titles, or market/industry you are in. For example, in the last two years, we rewrote our whole product and changed the tech stack. It is very important that the new hire does not become stuck on what title and role she is looking for or a certain type of work she wants to perform. You should join a startup for the vision.–Shilpi Sharma, Kvantum Inc.

4. Respectfulness

Respect means a new hire will treat his co-workers, clients and others fairly and consistently. When a new hire has respect for differing opinions and positions, mutually agreeable resolutions can be discovered. Respect also means accepting the cultural, socio-economic and personal beliefs of others without letting those interfere with getting the job done.–Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now  Read more…

How To Spring Clean Your Goodreads TBR Pile by Amanda Diehl


Spring cleaning is a necessary evil, regardless of whether you’re pruning your bookshelves or something more digital. I was sitting in bed with my boyfriend last week, our laptops open and Goodreads up in our browsers. I was aghast to see that my boyfriend’s to-be-read (TBR) list only had ten books on it. TEN?! Bro, do you even read?

But then he looks over at mine, a digital TBR pile of 1200-plus books. And he scoffed, “Like you’re ever going to read all of those.”

Days later, I was still thinking about that statement. He was right; don’t tell him. I knew something had to be done, so I set to reducing my TBR list as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using Goodreads’ batch edit feature, I can select the books I want to change, then remove them in one click.

Here’s the criteria I used to whittle down my TBR shelf on Goodreads. Feel free to use all of them or just a few according to your reading tastes:

Don’t think about it too hard

This isn’t necessarily some “spark joy” type deal, but I wanted this to be quick. I’m a busy woman with things to do! If you can’t remember the plot of the book or any other details upon reading the title or why you added it in the first place, odds are you won’t miss it if you take it off your list. It’ll be okay! Read more…