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How to Transform a Millennial Employee into a Leader

Many employers often see employees of the millennial generation (those born post-1985) as unreliable, egocentric and in perpetual need of instant gratification. This is not necessarily the case, according to David D. Bernstein, author of the book “Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping our World.

In his book, Bernstein says millennials are forging a revolution in the workplace, which will cause drastic changes to how businesses are run in the future. “Millennials are more global, more tolerant, more diverse, more educated, more connected, and bigger than any generation before them,” said Bernstein.

“They embrace change. They are the only generation to come of age with one foot in the old world of pre-internet, pre-Facebook, pre-computer, doing their first research projects in libraries, and another foot in the digital era.” Read more…

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